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Jonathan Madelaine

Web Developer
Wellington, NZ

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I'm a web developer, residing in Wellington, NZ.

I started out as self-taught back in 2015. Since then I've worked on game engine plug-ins, fin-tech / reg-tech web APIs, websites and web apps. My introduction to programming was unconventional, but software development is a place I feel right at home.

My goal for 2020 is to develop and contribute to more open source projects.

Find me on Twitter or shoot me a message here.


I work primarily with Node.js, React, TypeScript and GraphQL.

I have a strong background in C# (ASP.NET Core) and I've worked with a bunch of other technologies such as Java (Spring), MS SQL Server, and platforms like AWS.

What I do

I mostly build web apps.

You can see some of my recent work over at Noted Ltd where I was on the team that built their client scheduling system, released in April 2020! 🎉

Alongside web apps, I build back-end web APIs (.NET Core / Spring), and websites (Gatsby).

On the side

I usually have several side projects on the go. One such project is Railcam 2D - a Unity Game Engine camera asset. You can find it on the Unity Asset Store.

With my free time I try to be an active member in the developer community. Check out my StackOverflow and GitHub profiles.